Which cryptocurrency is best to invest in, and how do you decide on the right one?

here are a few types, but I like to be ham-fisted about this and draw crude distinctions. Basically, you have:


Platform Tokens (like ETH, BNB, ADA, SOL, LUNA),

Decentralized Finance Tokens (UNI, CAKE, BNT, BAL, MIR, ANC),

Exchange & Lending Tokens (OKB, NEXO, CHSB, VGX),

NFT Tokens (CHZ, ENJ, RARI),

Meme Coins (DOGE, SHIB, MM, KAREN),

Speciality Tokens (SIA, GLM)

That’s a set of divisions based on purpose, not based on how the coins describe themselves. The divisions are also loose and some of those coins belong in multiple categories (e.g BNB). These just reflect my personal preferences and they happen to be the coins that come immediately to the top of my mind.


I put most of my money in platform tokens. We’ll probably get 1 – 3 winners there, and those coins will be massively successful with market capitalizations as high as $10 trillion.


Decentralized finance is the best application for cryptocurrencies right now. This is the area that, if it succeeds, will effect a paradigm shift in financial infrastructure in the way that the internet changed mail and telephone correspondence.


I like NFTs and make money on lending exchanges. They do well after a bull run has taken place and are usually nice 10x bets even when you’re late.


I buy meme coins for fun!


So, to summarize: I prioritize my investments in coins in the order of that list because that’s the way I see consistent growth happening.


Happy Trading!

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