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Crowd1 - Get Residual Income Every Month

Crowd1 is Sweden based Online Network Marketing Company, Currently Crowd1 have 20 Million+ Members across 180 countries within 2 yrs time.

They developed such a digital platform, in which they are synchronizes member community to 3rd Party Vendors and generates the revenue.

Crowd1 distributes 80% of their monthly revenue across their member community every month. thats why their members are also increasing day by day because members are getting the monthly Residual income as per their network growth from crowd1's monthly Profits.

In this business model 3 parties are their.

1. Crowd1 - 20% goes to company
2. Crowd1 Members - Getting monthly Residual Income from 80% Revenue of crowd1
3. 3rd Party Vendor - In a Single Deal they are getting 20 Million+ Customers, getting benefited in cutting the cost of sales & marketing expenses

Crowd1 Deals in :
LifeTrnds , Miggster , Safer, Affilgo, MyGrithub, Tribute

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