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Position yourself in the ring. Once your four positions are completed,

You get $30 from Ring1 which you use to take a position in the Ring2 .

When the 2nd ring is filled you start to earn money, a sum of 90$ of which 50$ is used to move to ring 3, 10$ is used to reposition us to ring 1 (re-entry) and the remaining 30$ we can withdraw. After the first $90 win in Ring 2 that went back as shown, we will receive $90 winnings in Ring 2 again and again, but each time, $10 will be deducted to reposition us to Ring 1 and the remaining $80 can be reclaimed and this is done on a continuous basis.

Ring 3 of the Easy license where we were positioned with the $50 deducted from the first $90 win in ring 2, once filled, we generate $150 which we use to move to ring 4.

Once ring 4 is filled, we have a $450 win back as follows: $300 to go to ring five, $50 to ring three, and $100 back to us. We will receive more and more winnings of $450 in Ring 4, but each time $50 will be deducted to reposition us in Ring 3 and the remaining $400 we can recover and this on a continuous basis. This will apply to each ring pair, from ring pair 1-2 to ring pair 9-10, with different and significant amounts.


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